24 June 2011

Youtube concerts

Tonight topped every other night ever. Every concert I've ever been to and everthing. Better than when I got a drum stick and a signed set list from the New Pornographers show, better than the set list from the Joan Jett show, better than the multiple Tegan and Sara show I snuck into backstage for, and even better than my first W!Rock concert. So. Good.
I went to see Christian play. He was good. I thought his set was, pretty. No other way to describe it really. Just pretty.
After Christian was Jason. My step-dad didn't like Jason as much but I thought he was brilliant. I don't think I've ever seen someone play guitar so flawless sounding. Also, I'm glad I was around for mistakes 1 and 2 of the tour. I think my friends got footage of it too. It's gonna be all over the internet, Jason. Be stoked. I thought your set was absolutely brilliant. I tweeted that to you so it must be true.
After Jason was Jimmy. They had to put the "J" names together. His set was fantastic. It kinda reminded me of my shows. ( I told this to my step dad and he said "is it because he messed up?") I liked how he talked between songs, it was kinda refreshing after Jason's seemingly short set. It feels more personal when a person talks between songs. You might remember me. I was the person standing and dancing near the row with the people who kept calling "CHING CHONG!!" with their cell phones out the entire time. Yeah, I was one of them. Not the cell phone or "ching chong" people. The dancing person. Did I just confuse you? Because I just confused myself.
Headlining/ending the show was Alex. Alex. I am lost for words. You are always amazing when you perform. Although I was talking to your girlfriend and then you sort of just interrupted us with all of your awoosome spewing out of your guitar. Stupid awoosome spewing guitars. Hey, did you enjoy that comment I shouted about you not dropping your guitar. I enjoyed it. A lot. :) You probably read my last blog post that I wrote featuring you and I still think you are fantastic and amazing. I loved your new song Bow Ties Are Cool. I feel special that I was one of the first to hear it. And my sister is now sporting a shirt by you (even though she's going to forget your name in a week's time, it's okay. I won't forget you).
SARAH!! You're so amazing! I'm glad we got to IRL talk this time. Twitter talking is fun but awkwardly standing near each other awkwardly saying a few words back and forth is so much better!! Right? Right? I'm glad we're BFFs now!! I will see you on the July 28th show and then again at VidCon. I promise I'm not stalking you. Dude, when I first met you at the W!Rock concert last week I wanted to be like "Oh Alex I love you so much and I want to marry you and Sarah doesn't deserve you!!" but I decided against it. It was mainly because you said people always say that and it annoys you. But I less than three you more so I didn't do it (obviously)!!
Tessa, I enjoyed talking to you. From the way you talk about your awkwardness in videos I expected more, well, awkwardness. What that incoherent sentence is supposed to mean is that you aren't as awkward IRL as I thought. My friends really loved meeting you. Pictures have made it to facebook.
Joey and Brittany, I can't even tell you how happy I was when you remembered me. I mean, you probably forgot my name but you recognized me and that's all that matters, right? It was lovely seeing you guys again. Thanks for, like, saying hi to me.
Yeah, Savannah, I have some pretty cool intros for you. I didn't get anything from Alex this time around because I got him to say hi to you already.
number of books read: 1
currently reading: Bran Hambric and the Farfield Curse by Kaleb Nation
last read: Boy Meets Boy by David Levithan
next to read: The Iliad by Homer
If you ever play LA shows and you need an opening act... send me a message me. #shamelessselfpromotion

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