20 June 2011

I lost my Wrock concert virginity

Tonight I went to my first ever wrock concert. It was an abundance of fun. The people who played were Lauren Fairweather, The Whomping Willows, Justin Finch-Fletchley, and Alex Carpenter.
Now, I'm going to say a little bit about each person/band performance thing.
So, Justin Finch-Fletchey went on first. I've never seen him play live before but I did hear one of his songs pre-concert and I have to say he was really awesome. He broke two strings, not just one string (which is typical) but two. I've never experienced that before and so he got to play two guitars. He was a really nice guy and I got to talk to him a lot and I got him to say hi to Savannah but I accidentally cut off his intro (sorry Justin!! and Savannah I guess). I was going to buy his shirts and CDs but I was rushed out of the building. I'll buy them eventually :)
Lauren came on next. Her set was so amazing. I'm really excited for her new album (if you didn't know she wrote an entire album about Snape and Lilly Potter). All of the songs she played from it were absolutely lovely. I got to talk to her at the merch table and she is so sweet. She signed my CDs and poster (yeah, my dad bought me a poster. I didn't even ask for it!) and we made a bit of small talk. It was all around lovely.
Matt was third and oh my science I loved him. My dad's wife thought he was the best and I hadn't heard any of his songs before tonight and when I heard them I was like "wow this is really frakking awesome' (not that I had any doubt that he was). While Justin's set was really hardcore and exciting and Lauren's set was calm and chill Matt's was dance-y and funny and so good. I talked to him too, the first thing I said was "I watch you on lifechangersevrything" cause that's what the awkward kids start with. He was also really nice. I didn't get to talk to him much (due to how bad I am at the talking thing) but I hope I get to talk to him more at another show or somethink.
Last was Alex frakking Carpenter. Alex, I've always wanted to meet him. I think it's the fangirl deep deep (on the surface level) inside of me that urned for this moment. Now, his set was really awoosome. His guitar fell in the middle of one of his songs. That was terrifying. And I didn't know many of the songs that he played (because I haven't exposed myself to enough of his music) but they were all fantastic. I didn't really get to talk to him much but when I did talk to him it started like this:
"this is the part where I ask you to sign my poster."
And he said "I think your right".
Gaaah!! He's so adorable!! He seemed really nice from the few words we passed back and forth. Also, he blessed my camera bag because I was wearing my Cloning Charlie shirt and he was like "oh is that a cloning Charlie shirt?" and I was like "yeah" and he picked up my camera bag off my chest and showed it to Sarah. Which made me really happy because now I have more appreciation for my camera bag.
I didn't get to talk to Sarah, which I really regret, and I was going to have her do an intro for me but I decided against it. I don't know, she seemed like she wanted it to be one of Alex's moments with one of his fangirls but I would've liked to talk to her and get an intro. Oh well. I could've talked to her at other times. I mean, she was sitting right next to me. But she was to busy not talking to me.
All around I would like to say thanks for being so awesome guys. :) Also, sorry to anyone whose foot I trampled on by being the clumsy person I am.
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currently reading: Bran Hambric and the Farfield Curse & Boy Meets Boy


  1. What a great concert review!
    I'm so glad you did this because I probably would have never gotten around to it, haha.
    Being a n00b to the wrock world, I can say that it was quite the experience last night.
    "Alex frakking Carpenter" haha, that so funny cause if it was not for my friend Andy who is friends with Alex, I might not have researched wrock as much as I have =P
    (and yes, I notice the BSG reference...so say we all)
    Anyways, here's to friendships started at concerts about Harry Potter!


  2. Hey, I can't believe I found your blog. So yeah, I saw you at the show. You were the girl with a similar camera bag as me. I'm sure that means nothing to you as you never seen my camera bag...but... Anyway, hi! I'm Jaine. I've only checked out a few of your posts and videos, but from what I've seen they are really cool! Nice to meet you on the internet? Eh, sorry if I'm being awkward.