18 October 2011

A Story About Youtube Whoring

It was eighth period and I was in PE and the teacher said that she had to go outside for a minute because she has to find a student and tell them that their schedule has been changed so that they're in the class I am in. She leaves the room and a boy names, let's call him Paul, says "hey, I just wanted to let you know that I have a new youtube video out and you should go like and favourite it" we go on stretching because the teacher hasn't come back yet. "Also, you should subscribe. My new video is called 'Cycle Guy'. I know that four people in this room are subscribed to me." At this point I'm thinking to myself, wow, it's real life youtube whoring. Which, is a first for me. And I really hate to admit is but when he said 'four people in this room are subscribed to me' I was thinking 'I have 1300+ subscribers, there's nothing to gloat about' but this was mainly because he's annoying and he's because the new star kid at my school. It started out with me. I wasn't the star kid, no, I kept my youtube thing on the down low. I talked about it with my friends and I would bring it up casually in conversation but I wouldn't say "YOU SHOULD SUBSCRIBE TO ME AND WATCH AND LIKE AND FAVOURITE ALL OF MY VIDEOOOOOOOOOS" because, honestly, I didn't care. Then a French kid, let's call him Bill, makes a few videos on youtube kinda sorta because me and another one of my friends made youtube videos. One day Orchestra A is at Disney Hall (if you live out of the country, Disney Hall is a concert hall in Los Angeles, it is where the LA Phil Harmonic play. Google some pictures, it's a cool looking building) and they've sound checked and they're bored when all of a sudden someone finds Bill's youtube videos and everyone is watching them. Bill is the first star kid youtube boy person thing and everyone was watching his videos. I don't mean to be a hipster (except I do) but, I watched his videos first. He was technically inducted into the popular kids group because Gwen Stefani's niece absolutely adored Bill. Bill, politely declined this induction and stayed hanging out with me and the people I hang out with, but everyone was still starry eyed over him. This ended at the beginning of this school year. Paul posted one video on youtube and shared it on facebook and now everyone at school is asking "did you see Paul's new video?!" and I don't want to be bitter and I don't want to seem judgmental but, they're just not funny viral type videos. And, I don't understand what makes his videos so special. Someone told me that he was comparing his views to my views and that he had more views than me and, I don't watch his video and they most definitely could be higher but, I kinda doubt it. I will very often complain to my friends about no one at school appreciating my content but, the reason no one knows about my stuff is because I don't post it on facebook, hell, I usually forget to put it on twitter sometimes. I know that one ninth grade girl, who I don't even hang out with, sticks up for my videos and says that my videos are better than Paul's which is lovely and now I don't complain about not being known by my peers and through writing this blog post I've realized something. I am okay with my school mates not knowing about my videos because, to be honest, I really don't like most of them.

21 September 2011


I am going to explain what partnership is from a not partnered point of view.
When a person is partnered on youtube (I started this as if I were telling you what sex is. Good. Job.) adverts are placed on their videos and they make a small sum of money.

I want to be partnered.
It's not for the money. It's kind of for the money but not only for the money. The money is not the main reason why I want to be partnered. It's honestly the main reason why I don't want to be partnered. I want to be partnered for the opportunities. But, then youtube will be my job. I'm honestly okay with just having it as a hobby but I feel like it would be awesome to say at thirteen-years-old that I make money by talking to a small amount of people on the internet. I keep going back and forth between lusting for partnership like a teenage girl lusts lusts for Edward Cullen or Charlie McDonnell and being completely fine with not making money off of my videos. But, I do make money off of my videos.
I'm not partnered, I just receive a few cents on a few of my videos. But, it makes me think: if I'm okay with making money off of those videos why can't I be okay with making money off of all of my videos and get a cool little banner and brilliant opportunities. I honestly don't know. I think that it's just different. Being partnered I feel like I would have to put an extra mile of effort into my videos. It's more than just my viewers judging me, but Google too.
I really do want to be partnered but I am torn. I don't know what to do.

15 August 2011

Today I went fishing, but instead I got my ear pierced

I put the title on twitter today but I don't think anyone understood what it meant.
Today, I wanted to go fishing, as I always do when I'm in West Virginia. Yeah, I'm in West Virginia right now. Jealous? #no Well, I never get to go fishing in LA because there's no where to go fishing but in West Virginia my step-grandparents have a pond and there's fish in there and we have the opportunity to fish for them (if that's the correct verb). Well, we had fished for about half an hour and I had caught two bluegill, came close to catching a third, my step-sister, Miranda, caught a bluegill, and I caught a bass. Well, before I caught that bass we figured out my hook wasn't on right and because I was already baited and we didn't want to undo the worm so we decided that we would when I lost the worm or caught another fish, whichever came first. After I caught the bass my grandmother was fixing up my line.
Well, I couldn't fish so I was just standing near my grandmother to half watch what she was doing and half watch what my step-sister, Ridley, was doing in front of me. I was watching her cast when I saw the line swing back, almost in slow motion, in front of my face. I thought maybe I could move but the slow motion moment was over and the hook at the end of the line hitched onto my ear. The hook hooked onto me. It didn't hurt much, I was in too much shock to feel the pain of it. I was told that I started to look paler, which would make sense. We took action quickly, and by we I mean my mum was called over and my step-sisters moved away from the scene. The line was removed but the hook was still in place. It was in pretty far, the barb was just in there. I was standing there haphazardly, I felt light headed and dizzy and horrible.
We made our way to the rental car in which I popped out my video camera so I could document my new, unintentional, piercing. My step-dad came limping down the stairs to drive my mum and I to the ER which we had no idea where it was. We drove around, I was crying for fear of my ear and my step-dad and mum were fighting about adult stuff like insurance and how were going to pay for this.
We got to the ER and I had my camera clutched in my left hand tight. We walked into the ER and signed in or something and a male nurse promptly came to the reception area to see to my ear. Luckily, the ER was just about empty and I didn't have to wait for anything.
I went into the first room and sat down and got my blood pressure taken twice, my weight checked, and asked a couple questions. I found out I'm the only girl to get hooked by a fishing line. (yussssss [?] )
I was escorted back to the waiting room to wait a small amount of time. I talked to my parents for a minute and I thought about something my step-grandmother said before we left, "well, hey, you got your ear pierced" and this might bother me if I had no sense of humour but I do and I would've smiled at that but my reaction was to cry more. I looked out the window of the ER and saw that it was raining. Well, it's dreary to match my mood and it can't bring it back up but if it was sunny I would've thought that I don't want to waste the daylight hours in this sterile environment I want to run around West Virginia. I was soon called to go get operated on. We went into a different room which was bigger and emptier. It had a bed in the middle of the room and two chairs. I sat on the bed and waited for the nurses to come. A nurse came in and told me to lie down and another nurse came in preparing stuff to do to my ear. I handed my camera to my step-dad so he could record whenever he found it appropriate and so I didn't have to hold it.
Nurse number one was there just to tell me what was happening and to make sure I was comfortable. Nurse number two meanwhile numbed my ear and cut the hook and removed the barb.
"Are you guys from around here?" Nurse number one asked.
My step-dad was documenting this for me to edit into my West Virginia extravaganza video and he said "No, we're from Los Angeles."
"Well, that makes sense why you've got a camera."
I felt a little offended because we weren't that insane family that takes pictures and films everything. I'm just a youtuber and my family supports and encourages and helps with that. humph
We left the ER and the rain stopped and we went home and I was given "get well" presents from my sisters and we ate dinner and I had a hankering for cookies and I don't even know why.
The moral of the story is to not fish with my step-sisters again. Right?
Pictures from the occasion!!
This is something that my sister made for me.
This is something my other sister made for me.
This is what my ear looks like now.
This is what was in my ear.
That's what my ear looked like when the hook caught me instead of a fish.


02 August 2011

The Best Email I Recieved

Hey Dudes and Dudettes, 

The reason you guys are receiving this e-mail isn't because there's a problem with your VidCon ticket, but you will be performing at VidCon's Open Mic Event! 

Please freak out after this e-mail, because we do have to get to logistics with time slots and the schedules for the event. Each performer will have 15 minutes on the main stage to perform for the audience and there are going to be intervals when it comes to transitioning from Open Mic to the Keynote speakers. There are two performers for each time slot and between the two performers/bands there will be a 5 minute band change. 

Attached in this e-mail is the schedule for all bands and the specific time intervals. Please, stick to the schedule because like we said stated earlier, we wil have to transition from Open Mic to the keynotes. If we stick to it, the Open Mic event will run smoothly. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please e-mail us with any questions and don't hesitate to ask anything. 

Thank you guys and we are excited to see you perform at VidCon's Open Mic!


Open Mic VidCon Team

27 July 2011

A New Light

I have read through the comments on my last blog post which I have been off and on been considering taking down. I think the comment that stuck out to me was Thomas's. But before I go on about what Thomas has been saying I just thought I would say sorry. I was in a really sour mood from a text I was hoping not to get. It's been making my opinions wonky.
Thomas, you were talking about how you and AGAD listen to Justin Beiber and Britney Spears. I don't have a problem with people who like them, I just have a problem that most every 13 and 14 year old that lives in Los Angeles that I have talked to refuse to broaden their scope of music. I have in fact tried to listen to Ke$ha and Justin Beiber and I just don't like it. Yes, I do know most if not all of the words to Tik Tok and I do think that Justin Beiber is an amazing drummer, I just don't like the music they put out. I don't dislike anyone on the spot for liking that kind of music. I have friends who absolutely love Taylor Swift (i.e Savannah, Rachel and my real life friends too) and I don't like most of her repertoire. My real life friends say I'm judgmental of Christians but I friends with them and I'm friends with James. I try very VERY hard not to judge them by a couple of a person's interests.
You also brought up that I thought that people who like 21st century pop were below me. I only think that in sense of music because I will admit I am a music purist and I disagree with auto-tune and drum machines. I don't want to say that some people have learned to rise up over this music because that's not what I'm trying to say. I just don't know how else to say this. And if I were in someone who likes Ke$ha or Britney Spears's shoes I would be appalled but what I said two sentences back.
You talked briefly about lol, ttyl, and kthnxbaiii. I just don't understand why people say lol and ttyl and other things of the sort. I do understand why you would compare it to kthnxbaiii though. kthnxbaiii is only different in that it's a meme sort of making fun of lol and ttyl and others of the sort. I do talk to people who use such things and I even went through a phase of it too. I do judge people by their grammar but I have learned the hard way that you can't change the way a person texts. They just have to change it themselves. I do realize I say IRL a lot. I blame the internet. It has become force of habit to consider people I know in real life IRL friends. I will use it less and won't judge people so harshly for saying other things of the sort.
Then you talked about the difference over fangirling about Justin Beiber and Charlie McDonnell. I try very hard (and quite frankly fail) to not fangirl over Charlie McDonnell all of every second that there is in the universe. I do talk about other things I like to think but thinking back I don't think I do. This is one of those times when I'm hypocritical. I'll change my ways. Or at least try.
I almost considered not putting my signature kthnxbaiii but, it's a thing that I do.
Toxic is an okay song. The music video is really weird. I find that I really like her music videos though.

26 July 2011

Don't be the youngest

I should've learned from all of my experiences at camps and at school that I shouldn't be friends with people much older than myself.
I seem to always forget that, just because you're really mature and hang out with the big kids, doesn't make you a big kid.
I only have to ask the people born in 1997 and 1998 on question: Why do you have to be so ignorant. I always sprang to hang out with the counselors at camp because I didn't have any of the same interests as my peers.
Is there something wrong with my not sticking to the status quo? That's how it would seem to the rest of the world I should assume since I am not the type of person to say "lol" or "ttyl" as a serious thing. I don't listen to Ke$ha or Britney Spears because anyone can write a 20 word song about sex, drugs and booze.
I just find myself having more in common with those older than me.
So there are four options: I can either change my entire brain and force myself to like this idiotic party music, I can keep being friends with those older than me because they are the intelligent better ones, I can sequester myself from anyone but 13 year olds who can have a real conversation that is more than "Justin Beiber is so hot", or I can be forever lonely.
Why, why do I have to be compelled to those who are actually intelligent. I don't like being the youngest. Being the youngest means people can't explain certain things to me or don't want to hang out with me because, why would anyone do that. I think I'm very much like Will Grayson 2 in that I try not to care. I try to not show people when I'm sad, only when I'm happy. The only problem with this is that sometimes I crack under pressure. I did that today. I tried handling myself and it just didn't work.
Part of the problem also comes with being short. I'm short and the youngest and no one listens to me. I try to help out and it doesn't work because I am to close to the age group of the people I try to "control".
Why, WHY?!
On a happier note: Europe was really fun. I got a lot of souvenirs. I almost got Savannah a mug that said "Sven" on it, but it wasn't that cool so I didn't get it.

01 July 2011

Blogging from Germany lol wut

Yeah, that's a thing that is happening. Instead of talking about all of my fantastical adventures in Germany I'm going to talk about anything else. I'm going on a train for the first time today and I'll talk about the cool stuff I did on the train which will be posted eventually.
How to:
Get over a cough.
Step 1: Go to Germany.
Step 2: Go to Die burg
Step 3: Go ask someone who speaks English where a doctor is.
Step 4: Go to that doctor.
Step 5: Make an appointment with that doctor and come back around two hours later.
Step 6: Go around Die burg and buy stuff. There's this really adorable restaurant that I don't remember the name of but don't worry you'll know it when you see it.
Step 7: Go back to the doctor.
Step 8: Wait for him to come by. He's nicer than your doctor.
Step 9:  Tell him you have a cough.
Step 10: Go to the apothecary.
Step 11: Take your medicine.
Step 12: Sleep so much better that night than you did the other four nights that you were sick.
Step 13: Remember, the really big ill thing tastes awful. Only because you didn't put it in water.

And that's how to get over a cough. Sorry for being away from blogging and the internet. I didn't know how to use the internet in my hotel.
number of books read: 2
currently reading: The Iliad by Homer
last read: Bran Hambric The Farfield Curse by Kaleb Nation (so good, I'll review it soon)
next to read: lol wut? I don't know yet.